Occlusal Guards

Occlusal Mouthguard Treatment in Hixson, TN

Among the many dentistry services offered in Hixson, Tennessee River Dental provides its patients with expertly designed occlusal guards. Dr. Ken Randall is known throughout the Hixson and Chattanooga areas as a caring dentist who is expert at performing a multitude of treatments and procedures making it easier for you to maintain the best oral health possible.

What are occlusal guards?

While ‘occlusal guard’ may seem like a mouthful, these custom-molded guards are easy to understand. The term occlusal refers to the biting or grinding surface of a tooth. Occlusion is the relationship between your upper and lower teeth. Our Hixson occlusal guards are clear acrylic, u-shape molds that fit to your teeth to protect them from grinding or clenching. Sometimes called occlusal splints or night guards, they may cover one or both rows of teeth. They work by forming an obstruction that blocks your teeth from touching, protecting your teeth from enamel loss, chipping or breaking. 

Who needs an occlusal guard?

You may not even realize that you grind (also called bruxism) or clench your teeth. Most often it happens at night while you are sleeping. It also can come and go, especially during times of high stress. You may awake with a mild toothache or headache that can be caused by the grinding or clenching at night. Mouthguards can prevent damage to your teeth and gums as well as relax your jaw and release the pressure that causes this ache. 

How do occlusal guards work?

Dr. Randall and the rest of our Hixson dental team will custom-fit an occlusal guard to the exact specifications of the tips of your teeth. It takes an experienced dentist to create an occlusal guard. Dr. Randall is experienced with this precise procedure and will be certain to get a perfect impression so that your guard will fit comfortably.

Guards are usually worn at night while you sleep, when grinding and clenching usually occurs. Sometimes, guards are needed during the day as well. An occlusal night guard not only prevents surface damage to teeth, it will keep them strong. Occlusal guards can help keep teeth from loosening and causing gum problems. They can also help relax your jaw muscles and resolve this sometimes dull but constant ache.

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