Anxiety Management

At Tennessee River Dental, our mission is to help our patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile while maintaining a comfortable, friendly, and welcoming office environment. Dr. Randall and our expert team work with patients on a personalized, individual level, and we do everything we can to ensure that our patients are comfortable throughout the treatment process. We have years of experience treating patients throughout the Hixson area and have a wide range of skills and knowledge for making every visit a pleasant experience – even for patients who are anxious or scared about going to the dentist.

Helping Patients Feel Comfortable at Our Hixson Dentist's Office

While the dentist is certainly nothing to be afraid of, we understand that many people hold feelings of fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist. This is a normal reaction, and thankfully, Dr. Randall and the team have years of experience helping patients feel comfortable during dental visits. We work hard to keep our office environment warm and welcoming, taking time to connect with patients and make them feel comfortable while in the dentist's chair. And when that's still not enough to quell feelings of anxiety, we offer a range of options to suit different patients' needs.

Sedation Dentistry & Anxiety Management Options

Every person is different, and we have a number of options for easing anxiety at our office. For many patients, it's enough to simply apply a topical anesthetic and numb the area, allowing the patient to feel completely comfortable during any procedure. However, if the anxiety is still too severe, we're happy to offer a few sedation dentistry options to help patients stay calm and relaxed during procedures:

  • Nitrous Oxide: Also called laughing gas, this gaseous anesthetic is mixed with oxygen and delivered to the patient through a special mask. Patients are still conscious through the entire procedure, but the gas helps them relax, calm the nerves, and feel at ease in the dentist's chair. The effects of nitrous oxide lift almost immediately after we remove the mask, making it an ideal solution for relieving anxiety about the dentist.
  • Oral Sedation: We can also prescribe small doses of sedatives orally. In these cases, we'll have the patient take the medication about an hour before the appointment. When they enter the office, they'll feel relaxed and at ease – and the effects wear off within a few hours.
  • IV Deep Sedation: For more serious procedures or patients with more severe anxiety, we can also offer IV deep sedation. In these cases, we work with specialist partners in Chattanooga who have the equipment, experience, and advanced training to deliver IV sedation safely and effectively. During IV sedation, the patient is very sleepy for the procedure and by the time they wake up, it'll all be over!

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Every patient has unique needs for their dental care, and at Tennessee River Dental, we are committed to finding the ideal treatment plan for every one of our patients. Feel free to call us at 423-877-3848 if you have any questions about our anxiety management options, or if you'd like to schedule a consultation at our Hixson dental office, you can do so using our easy online form. We look forward to helping you feel comfortable and relaxed at your next dental appointment!