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Welcome to the website of Tennessee River Dental! At our practice, we strive to provide comprehensive, high-quality dental treatment to patients of all ages in a fun, friendly, and welcoming office environment. We strive to offer a wide range of dental treatments to serve the unique needs of our patients, and we work hard to make every visit to our office a pleasant experience. Whether you're in Hixson, Red Bank, Soddy Daisy, or Chattanooga, TN, we're committed to helping you achieve a beautiful new smile!

Your Hixson, TN Dentist

Few dentists can claim to be as welcoming, caring, and dedicated to the health of their patients as our own Hixson dentist, Dr. Ken Randall. Dr. Randall takes a calm yet upbeat approach to care, taking his time to work with patients and help them fully understand both their current dental condition and their options for treatment. Our patients often leave us with a grin running ear to ear – yes, partially because they're happy about the treatment they received. But even more importantly, because Dr. Randall makes each patient feel better about the state of their oral health and the future of their smile.

Beyond his warm, amiable approach, Dr. Randall is proud to be a leading dentist in the region. His extensive training enables him and his team to address even the most complex conditions and achieve incredible results. And, in keeping with his desire to give back to the community, he's proud to teach the next generation of dentists at a nearby university.

Our Dental Services

Every patient is different and requires a unique approach to treatment – and thankfully, at Tennessee River Dental, we can treat just about any dental issue. Thanks to Dr. Randall's diverse skill set and our incredible team, we offer a wide range of dental treatments and services to our patients. Here are just a few of the dental services we have to offer:

When you visit Tennessee River Dental, you can rest assured knowing you're getting the quality, comprehensive treatment you need for a beautiful and healthy smile. Plus, because we offer so many treatments at our office, if we notice a dental problem, we can often treat it right in our office during that same appointment.

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Whether you live in Hixson, Soddy Daisy, Red Bank, Chattanooga, or any of the surrounding areas, the team at Tennessee River Dental would be honored to care for your smile. You deserve to feel proud to show off your smile in any situation – and we're committed to helping you get there. If you're ready to improve your oral health and achieve a smile you feel great about, we'd love to help. Schedule an appointment today!

Chewing Ice, Using Teeth As Tools Among Worst Habits For Teeth
At Tennessee River Dental, our mission is simple: help patients of all ages throughout Hixson, Red Bank, Soddy Daisy, and the greater Chattanooga area achieve healthy, beautiful smiles through quality dental treatment. But in order to maintain a healthy smile, how you care for teeth at home is just as important as our in-office treatments – and this goes beyond simple brushing and flossing. Some habits, in particular, can have serious negative consequences on dental health, and it turns out that using teeth as tools is one of the worst.
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Consumer Reports Highlights Steps To Help Older Adults Maintain Oral Health
At Tennessee River Dental, we're proud to help patients of all ages in Hixson achieve comprehensive dental health through high-quality dental treatment – and that includes senior citizens. Our focus is on long-term dental well-being, and this becomes even more important as patients age. According to a new article in Consumer Reports, dental problems are widespread among the elderly, with the CDC reporting that “twenty percent of older adults have untreated tooth decay, more than two-thirds have gum disease, and almost 1 in 5 has lost all of his or her teeth.” To help combat this, Consumer Reports has highlighted some of the most effective strategies older adults can use to maintain good oral health.
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Brush or Floss First
We all know the daily commandments of dental hygiene: brush and floss your teeth, every day. This is good advice, as daily brushing and flossing is critical to keeping teeth clean and cavity-free. But there's one aspect of this routine you may not have considered: is it better to brush your teeth first or floss first? At Tennessee River Dental, we strive to be a comprehensive dental health resource for patients throughout Hixson and the surrounding areas, so here are a few thoughts on the order of oral hygiene.
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Dental Emergencies

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Dr. Ken Randall is trained and equipped to treat many types of dental emergencies. If you experience a dental issue or emergency, we are here help. Learn more and give us a call at 423-877-3848.  Learn More >>

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Crowns & Bridges

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Crowns and bridges are designed to look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Whether you need to cover a damaged tooth or fill a space left behind by a tooth that's fallen out, crowns and bridges can give you the smile you deserve!  Learn More >>

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