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Convenient Dental Treatment in Hixson, TN

At Tennessee River Dental, our mission is to help patients throughout the greater Hixson, TN area achieve beautiful, healthy smiles through convenient dental treatment. We're proud to provide a comprehensive array of dental treatments and services from our office, and we work with each patient to design a complete treatment plan for a healthy smile. We know your time is valuable, so we strive to make treatment as convenient as possible – and our use of technology is an important way that we further that goal. 

Our Office Technology

At our practice, we're proud to use the latest in cutting-edge dental technology to treat our patients. Our use of technology helps us make treatment as easy, effective, and convenient as possible, ensuring you get the best care possible. We're constantly updating our office to utilize even more powerful technology, and our practice currently utilizes all of the following tools and technologies:

  • CEREC Same-Day Crowns: The incredible CEREC system makes the process of getting dental crowns much easier. With CEREC, we can take impressions of your teeth without using dental putty create crowns while you wait, placing them during a single visit. 
  • Dental Loupes: These fine microscopes are embedded directly in Dr. Randall's glasses along with those of may of his team members, allowing them to perform precise treatments with extreme detail. 
  • Digital X-Rays: Digital x-rays yield clearer images of your teeth with less radiation, providing an option that's both healthier and more effective. 
  • Intraoral Photography: At our practice, we use small cameras that fit inside the mouth to take, detailed, close-up images of your teeth. This lets us examine areas of interest in exquisite detail, providing a powerful tool for diagnosis and treatment planning. These images also give us points of reference, allowing us to track changes in the mouth over time. 
  • Digital Photography: Thanks to powerful advances in medical imaging technology, we can use powerful digital cameras at our office that allow us to take diagnostic images like never before. These cameras also allow us to color-match replacement teeth to the exact shade of your natural teeth, creating results that truly blend seamlessly with your natural smile. 
  • Rotary Endodontics: We use a motorized system for endodontic treatment, allowing us to perform root canals faster and more effectively.

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The technologies we use in our office allow us to provide treatment that's as fast, convenient, and effective as possible – and if you'd like to see this technology in action, we would love to help. Contact us today to learn more about the treatments we have to offer and schedule your next appointment. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams through world-class dental treatment!