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Personalized, Highly Aesthetic Restorations

Full arch dental implants are one of the most life-changing treatments in all of restorative dentistry, able to return a patient with missing or failing teeth back to full function, natural beauty, and overall health.

Full arch dental implants describe a protocol that uses dental implants surgically placed in the jaw as anchors for a full arch prosthesis, which is attached on top. This whole-arch replacement is similar to a complete set of natural teeth, allowing you to bite and chew comfortably, speak clearly, and find permanent confidence in your smile! We collaborate with an experienced specialist to place your full arch dental implants and our Hixson, TN, team has years of cosmetic dentistry experience to provide you with personalized, highly aesthetic restorations you will be proud to show off.

Our Full Arch Restoration Process

Our full arch dental implants process is aesthetically-driven to provide you with the most cosmetically beautiful new smile. By partnering with a skilled implant surgeon, we can rely on the experience of a specialist with many years of implant dentistry expertise to place your implants in the best position in your jaw. Their correct placement frees us to focus on aesthetically beautiful restorations that provide the greatest long-term function and health benefits for our patients. Our full arch restoration process includes:

Your initial visit will consist of a comprehensive evaluation and x-rays. During this time, we will take a series of photographs and impressions of your jaw that we will use to create digital models of your new prosthesis.

Next, you will complete an appointment with our partner implant surgeon. This will include a surgical evaluation and complete Cone Beam CT scans. This will help the surgeon create an accurate surgical treatment plan.

Our partner implant surgeon will extract any remaining teeth you may have, then place the dental implants strategically in areas of your jaw that have the most bone volume. Then, we attach a temporary fixed prosthesis, so you leave our office with a new set of teeth the day of surgery!

We allow the dental implants to heal for 3-6 months while you are wearing your temporary prosthesis. After the surgical site has fully healed, you will return to our office so we can fabricate your final fixed prosthesis. This new set of teeth are permanently attached to your dental implants.

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The Life-Changing Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

Full arch dental implants have the ability to completely transform the lives of our patients, and this is the main reason we provide this option in our Hixson, TN, office. If you have been suffering from missing or failing teeth, or have been wearing dentures, full arch dental implants not only restore comfort and stability, but can return your smile to a permanent state of functionality and beauty. This restoration of a significantly better quality of life is nothing short of life-changing for the patients who elect to receive full arch dental implants! Patients with a brand new smile are once again able to:

  • Eat all the foods they love
  • Smile with comfort and confidence
  • Maintain their oral and overall health
  • Retain their natural facial shape
  • Have a permanent, stable smile
  • Experience a better quality of life

Full arch dental implants are the ultimate in full mouth tooth replacement!

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