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Prepare Your Jaw Bone for Permanent Tooth Replacement

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Bone Grafting Replaces Lost Jaw Bone

Dental implants have long since been considered the best tooth replacement option in dentistry, but if a patient has worn dentures or is missing a tooth, the jaw bone may be too thin or too soft to support them. When this is the case, bone grafting can return the jaw to the ideal volume, paving the way for permanent tooth replacement. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure we can complete in the comfort of our Hixson, TN, office that replaces lost bone in your jaw. 

With bone grafting and dental implants, you will no longer have to deal with the difficulty and inconvenience of missing teeth—your new tooth is a natural part of your beautiful smile! Utilizing technology and advanced techniques, we provide care that is minimally invasive and comfortable, personalized to provide each of our patients with the most advantageous results.

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The Benefits of Modern Bone Grafting

In the past, bone grafting was accomplished by taking a portion of bone from a different part of the body. Today, it is more common to use a different bone grafting material from a donor source that does not involve a second surgical site. Modern bone grafting is an effective way to provide patients with dental implants and a lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles. With our safe and effective bone grafting procedures, we can offer patients a variety of benefits, including:

  • Use dental implants in cases where it is otherwise impossible
  • Provide additional support for the gums
  • Allows tooth replacements to be naturally shaped
  • Improves support for dental implants
  • Maintains facial shape and prevents jawbone loss
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How Is Bone Grafting Accomplished?

Bone grafting is a simple minor surgical procedure that involves adding a small section of supportive bone material to your jaw where the dental implant will be placed. This new bone material will help strengthen and add volume to the existing bone, while also evening out the bony ridge. During the procedure, we place the bone material into the jaw bone, which will integrate with the existing bone and help regenerate new bone tissue during the healing process. This process may take several months, depending on the complexity of your case, but once the bone has grown in sufficiently, the area will be dense and strong enough to support a natural-looking, strong, and reliable dental implant!

You can be a candidate for dental implants with bone grafting!

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