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Our mission is to help patients throughout the greater Hixson, TN, area achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.

By equipping our office with advanced dental technology, we are able to do dentistry in a way that is more efficient, comfortable, and safe, ensuring the best possible dental care for our patients! We also know your time is valuable, so we strive to make treatment as convenient as possible—and our use of technology is an important way that we further that goal. We are proud to use some of the most advanced dental technology available and consistently update our office to utilize even more powerful technologies to provide our patients with exceptional dental experiences.

The Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced dental technology improves both the experiences of our patients and allows us to provide more precise and accurate treatment. Along with increasing comfort and convenience, advanced dental technology takes the place of many conventional processes, including impression-taking with dental putty, traditional 2D x-rays, and multi-step treatments. Today, we are able to take low radiation digital x-rays, virtually create restorations in digital software, and increase the precision and detail at which we can see areas inside the mouth. The benefits of advanced dental technology include:

  • More precise, streamlined treatment
  • Eliminates conventional impressions
  • Highly accurate diagnosis and planning
  • Comfortable and convenient care
  • Improved patient experiences
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Our Advanced Dental Technology

We choose to incorporate advanced dental technology into all our services to increase the accuracy and safety of our care. In turn, advanced dental technology can help you feel confident in the care we provide, as it provides us with clearer and more precise information we use to create personalized and targeted treatment plans for each of our patients. Our advanced dental technology includes:

CEREC same-day dental crowns technology allows us to take impressions of your teeth without using dental putty, create your dental crown while you wait, and bond it to your tooth during a single visit. 

Intraoral cameras fit inside the mouth and take, detailed, close-up images of your teeth. This lets us examine areas of interest in detail, providing a powerful tool for diagnosis and treatment planning. These images also give us points of reference, allowing us to track changes in the mouth over time. 

Digital x-rays yield clearer images of your teeth with less radiation, providing an option that’s both healthier and more effective. Digital images also increase the accuracy of diagnosis for more personalized and accurate treatment planning.

Dental loupes are fine microscopes embedded directly into glasses we wear, allowing us to perform precise treatments with extreme detail. 

  • CEREC (Digital crowns/bridges)
  • Digital Intraoral Photography
  • Digital Extraoral Photography
  • Digital Intraoral Radiography
  • Digital Panoramic Radiography
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Digital Dentures
  • Digital Dentures

Interested in seeing our advanced technologies in action?

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