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Bring Back the Beautiful Smile You Desire and Deserve

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Correct Functional and Cosmetic Issues

When you want to enhance the appearance of your smile and correct imperfections in your bite, a full mouth reconstruction is an ideal solution. No matter if your teeth are worn, chipped, or broken, a full mouth reconstruction in Hixson, TN, can bring back the smile you desire and deserve. By combining the art of cosmetic dentistry (how the teeth look) and the science of gnathology (getting the bite right), we are able to create a smile for you that is both functional and beautiful!

We are trained in all procedures involved in full mouth reconstruction and have years of experience creating personalized, comprehensive treatment plans for the unique oral conditions of each of our patients. No matter how extensive your smile rehabilitation may be, you can trust in our expertise and care to restore the health and beauty of your smile!

Our Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

Our full mouth reconstruction treatment in Hixson, TN, focuses on both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your smile. Correcting function issues, including occlusion (how the bite fits together), is critical in ensuring cosmetic procedures will last long-term. We thoroughly evaluate each individual tooth as well as the jaws and associated muscles. This gives us the information we need to determine the optimal treatment plan for your particular case and a customized plan that will deliver the best results. Full mouth reconstruction is a process, but one that delivers exceptional results that look beautiful and natural, improves dental function and comfort, and complements our patients’ unique personalities.

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The Benefits of a Complete, Healthy Smile

Full mouth reconstruction is designed to return your smile to complete health, function, and beauty. Teeth that are aligned properly and function correctly not only help you eat comfortably, but work in harmony with the jaw joints and muscles, reducing your risk for developing symptoms of TMJ disorder. Strong, healthy teeth also allow you to bite and chew a wider variety of foods necessary for a nutritious diet. But the most beneficial result of full mouth reconstruction is the complete transformation of how your smile looks, providing a significant improvement in your self-confidence and personal wellbeing!

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Dr. Randall speaks about improving your smile with full mouth reconstruction

Your smile can be functional, healthy, and stunning with full mouth restoration!

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