Early Dental Treatment in Hixson, TN

At Tennessee River Dental, our mission is to provide high-quality dental care to patients of all ages throughout Hixson and the surrounding areas. As a leading dental practice serving Hixson, Red Bank, Signal Mountain, and greater Chattanooga, we're proud to offer a range of expert dental treatments to our patients. While we offer restorative treatments like fillings and dental implants, we prioritize preventive care whenever possible – and dental sealants are an excellent option for preventing cavities in all patients.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are very similar to what they sound like: it's a procedure that involves using a biocompatible dental resin to cover the pits and fissures in teeth and "seal" them away from bacteria, protecting them from decay. It's a relatively simple, routine procedure that takes just one appointment but can have a dramatic impact on dental health. Dental sealants are most commonly used on children to protect the back permanent teeth, and they're highly effective in preventing cavities.

Why Should My Child Get Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a popular treatment for protecting children's teeth – but why are they necessary? Isn't brushing and flossing enough?

While proper oral hygiene is vital for maintaining a healthy smile, the chewing surfaces of the back teeth present a problem. These teeth have nooks, crannies, and grooves that are almost impossible to fully clean using a regular toothbrush, making a breeding ground for bacteria. Over time, bacteria can grow in these areas even if the rest of the teeth are clean – causing cavities even in patients with good oral hygiene.

Sealants prevent this problem by covering the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, providing a shield against decay. They last for many years once applied, and they've been proven highly effective in protecting teeth. For many patients, sealants are an all-around great option for preventive care.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

Ultimately, only you and Dr. Randall can decide if sealants are the best option – but they come with a number of benefits:

  • Prevent Cavities: Sealants protect the rear molars from cavities, safeguarding one of the most vulnerable areas of the mouth.
  • Healthy Development: Losing a permanent molar prematurely can cause developmental issues and affect the growth of other permanent teeth. Sealants prevent these problems by saving the teeth from decay.
  • Routine Procedure: Placing sealants is easy, pain-free, and takes only a few minutes.
  • Long-Lasting: Once in place, sealants can last many years.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Hixson, TN Family Dentist

If you think sealants might help you or your child maintain a healthy smile, Dr. Randall and the team would love to see you. Feel free to request an appointment online for your consultation. We'll perform a comprehensive dental examination, then talk with you and your child about potential treatment options and whether sealants are right in your case – and if we do decide to use sealants, we may be able to place them that very same day. Contact us today!