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Are You Deathly Afraid of the Dentist? Try Sedation Dentistry

For some people, past bad experiences at a dentist’s office can instill in them a fear that makes it hard to ever make a dental appointment again. For others, they might even understand that their dental anxieties verge on irrational, yet they can’t find a way to shake them off and get the dental care they need. But no matter what degree of dental anxiety is keeping you from visiting your dentist’s office, sedation dentistry offers a solution that can make your next appointment feel like a breeze.

Light to Moderate Sedation

Dental anxieties range a full spectrum of anxiety levels, so your dentist’s office will offer a range of options to scale across the entire spectrum. At the lighter end of the sedation spectrum, you’ll find options that include oral medications and nitrous oxide gas – also known as laughing gas.

While both nitrous oxide and an oral sedative will provide light to moderate stress and anxiety relief, the former kicks in a lot sooner than the latter. Nitrous oxide can begin to take effect in a matter of seconds, while an oral sedative, depending on how much you ate that day, can take longer than an hour to take effect.

Deep Sedation

When your anxieties are about more than just the type of procedure, but the duration as well, ask your dentist about your options for deep sedation.

With deep sedation, you’ll be given a precise dosage to keep you sedated through your procedure – however long that is. For deep sedation, your dentist will likely turn to an intravenous line to administer precisely the amount you’ll need to get through your procedure. During deep sedation, you may fall asleep or you may remain awake entire time.

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