Tooth Sensitivity Suffering

Tooth Sensitivity Suffering

When you suffer from tooth sensitivity, it can literally be life altering. From not eating your favorite foods to just being in pain from talking, tooth sensitivity is a major problem that can affect anyone. There are several causes for tooth sensitivity from eroding enamel to gum recession. Unfortunately, if you cause of tooth sensitivity is lack of enamel, there is no official fix. Enamel cannot rebuild or be replaced, but there are precautions you can take to ease your sensitivity.

If you are suffering, there are sensitive toothpastes on the market to help with sensitivity. If you have been told you have a lack of enamel, or feel like this can be an issue for you, speak to your dentist on what type of toothpaste you should be using. Sensitive toothpastes are manufactured with potassium nitrate, which enter the dentin of the tooth and allow for pain alleviation. High fluoride content may also be a solve, as fluoride helps to strengthen the tooth itself.

Another way you can fix your tooth sensitivity is with doctor help. When you begin experiencing tenderness, consult with your doctor. There are in office dental treatments you can go through to fix your pain. Depending on what your dentist offers, they have a series of treatments you can try:

-desensitizing agents

-fluoride gels or foams

desensitizing pastes

Each of these procedures involve a medical professional to apply, and will help with your sensitivity by strongly attacking the tubule openings that are allowing for sensitivity to occur.

If you are experiencing any type of oral pain, specifically in the tooth, consult with your doctor to seek treatment. Your dental professional will help you go through what you will need to rectify your tenderness. Your dentist will be able to help seal these openings allowing for pain, and help heal your teeth. Use sensitive toothpastes and watch what you eat and drink while you are in the healing process, as these items may be a stimulus for your sensitivity.

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